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I don't understand why people make such a big fuss over… - hojo_bds

I don't understand why people make such a big fuss over birthdays.  Yesterday was my 28th and maybe it's only me, but it just feels like another normal day in the life of Hojo.  Don't get me wrong, thanks to everyone for the kind words and well wishes, but it's never really been an event I consider momentous or worth celebrating. 

I'm still trying to get back into the habit of buying gifts for the people in The Chad's family.  With my friends we normally don't give presents and it's understood you don't get one in return.  I'd rather they save their money to be honest.  Between Kate and I we don't even give Christmas presents to eachother, an agreement we made years back.  There's the odd time I'll see a fun board game and pick it up so that we can all play together, but that's pretty much it. 

On the other hand, with Chad's family it's expected that everyone buys something for everyone.  Considering half his fricken family are Geminis, let's just say June is a pretty expensive month.  I'm required to put in $40 over here for this brother's birthday, another $50 here for this parent's birthday.  What ever happened to just spending time with one another and enjoying eachother's company?

Last night we did just that with The Mom and Dad at the lake.  Great night - BBQ, glass of wine and the people I love most around the dinner table.  There's the perfect gift right there (sure the Walmart gift card was a bonus, but I'd be just as happy without it).  In fact, the offering not intended as a gift was probably the most appreciated - Quila's old heart worm pills for Jack!  (Doc said that even if she contracted it, it would take about 3 years before she started showing signs... and she won't be around that long)  Seriously, for a pack of 6 tablets it costs around $100.  Holy. Fuck.  I haven't had the money to get him in to see the vet for his prescription this year, so it's a huge weight off my shoulders that he's covered for the season.

Please let the rest of this month pass by quickly :D


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