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Good News:  Gramps is out of the hospital.  On top of the… - hojo_bds

Good News:  Gramps is out of the hospital.  On top of the usual cancers he came down with pneumonia, but seems to be getting better.

Bad News:  The family held a big meeting at the hospital with specialists and counsellors to try and convince Grandma that moving to a home is the best thing for Grampa.  She wants none of it and the whole thing ended with uncles storming out the door and Grandma bitching out her own kids.  No live-in care for him either.

Good News:  My favourite uncle is coming into town tonight to pick up my aunt who's been staying with the 'Rents this week.  Haven't seen him since New Years so there is much to catch up on :)

Bad News:  Family meeting is scheduled between myself, The Chad and the 'Rents to discuss the future of our home. 
Survey says, we're going to have to sell and probably move in with them at least until The Dad can find another job.

Good News:  Their basement is about 4x larger than our entire house :)

The Mom and I had a long "what if?" discussion about this the week Dad lost his job so it's not a huge surprise to us.  As much as I love my Hick Home, I can see nothing but good things coming out of this:

- From the original talk with Mom, they would charge us around $500/mth to help out - almost HALF of what we pay on the mortgage... this means we could actually save some money rather than living paycheck-to-paycheck like it's been the last few months
- The basement is fricken huge and can be made into an entirely separate living quarters from the rest of the house, entrance and all.
- Full access to the boat and ski-doo any time we want, it's just a matter of walking out the back door
- Tons of room for Jack to run around (as opposed to our tiny little lot) with at least two other playmates at all times
- Two words: electric fence.
- My folks are the coolest parents a kid could ask for and I know for a fact they would respect our privacy as much as we would respect theirs.

And the most important reason:  No more worrying!  Not having to wonder if our broken fireplace will finally go up in flames while we're at work, or the shoddy fuse panel will finally spark and burn the whole place down while we're fast asleep.  No worries about spiders and mice and snakes (oh yes, we've had snakes) creeping though any of the holes in the walls.  Not having to wear socks and slippers all winter because the floor in the kitchen gets cold enough to cause frostbite.

I almost forgot what it's like to have a decent night's sleep... we may soon find out!


Possible future:

Hard to choose, eh? :)


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